Our MBA programs are designed to help students reach the upper levels of management within their careers and our admissions process reflects that through the assessment of the candidate’s potential. Selecting the right MBA course for you requires a lot of thought, and as such our admissions team for graduate programs is available to help you with any questions of queries you might have.


Admission Requirements:*


  1. 1 certified copy of bachelor's degree and transcripts

  2. Proof of English level: TOEFL score 89 (internet-based), 233 (computer-based); IELTS 6.5; CAE C1 with a minimum score of 176; English native or equivalent


Candidates who wish to apply for the MBA dual qualification in Switzerland and Barcelona or for the MBA program in Munich, must have 2+ years of professional work experience in addition to the requirements listed above.


Applicants must also meet one of the following:


  • A GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

  • A satisfactory score on the GMAT or GRE

  • 2+ years of professional work experience

  • A Skype interview with the academic dean

* Students not meeting these criteria will have an interview with the admission committee and will be considered on a merit basis. For more information, please contact the admissions department.


  1. Fill out the Online MBA application form

  2. Receive an email with instructions on how to submit the further documents necessary


  1. Print and fill in the Online MBA application form.

  2. Scan and send the completed application form via email to the admissions department of your chosen campus.

  3. Receive an email with instructions on how to submit further documentation.

Submitting the application package:

The admissions department of your chosen campus will contact you by email with instructions on how to submit your application package. Send your application package containing the requested documents by post or email (if applicable). The admissions department will confirm receipt via email.


All applicants should submit the following documents in order to complete the application process:


  • 1 completed application form

  • 1 certified copy of your bachelor’s degree and transcripts*

  • Proof of English level: Minimum TOEFL score 89 (internet-based), 233 (computer-based); IELTS 6.5; CAE C1 with a minimum score of 176; English native; or equivalent

  • 1 CV/Résumé

  • 2 letters of recommendation​**

  • 1 written or video essay***

  • 1 electronic passport photo or 3 printed passport-size photos

  • 1 copy of your passport

  • 1 bank certificate or letter certifying your financial solvency

  • Non-refundable application fee of 200€/CHF. Attach a money order, check or receipt for a bank transfer payable to EU



Arrange to have your degree and transcripts sent to the EU online Admissions Department. Transcripts are considered official if they bear an official university stamp and the signature of the dean. They should also include the university’s contact information. Records must list the subjects taken, grades earned or examination results in each subject and include certificates or diplomas. If the documents are not in English, they must be sent with a certified English translation.




Submit two letters of recommendation from academic advisors who are familiar with your academic performance and potential for leadership. If you have been out of the academic world for a while, please submit two letters from employers and/or managers who are familiar with your work ethic, ability and leadership skills. Any letter not written in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.


Written/Video essay***


Write an essay or record a 2-3 minute video essay and include it in your application package. This will help the EU Admissions Committee become acquainted with you, see how motivated you are to join us and determine how well you can express yourself. The essay should be on one of the following topics:


  1. Tell us about the most challenging team experience you have had to date. What role did you play? What did you learn?

  2. Please describe a personal failure that has impacted on your life and what you learned from it.

  3. What achievement are you most proud of (studies, sports, professional life, etc.)?

  4. If you could imagine an entirely different life from the one you lead, how would you want it to be?

  5. Each of us has been influenced by people, events and situations in our lives. How have these influences shaped who you are today?

To submit your video essay, please follow this link. Upload the video and insert the email address of the campus of your choice.


The Online MBA degree programs at EU have three start dates per year, these dates are the same for every campus. Terms begin in OctoberJanuary and March every year.


The next Online MBA degree program start dates are:


  • Fall Term: October 3, 2022

  • Winter Term: January 9, 2023

  • Spring Term: March 20, 2023


How long will it take for my application to be reviewed? When will I hear whether or not I am accepted?

Our admissions committee works diligently to assess all applications in a timely fashion. You will be notified within 24 hours of EU receiving your application documents. Then, expect a preliminary assessment result within three to ten business days, depending on the season.


I have been accepted to EU Business School. What should I do next?


Pay your advanced payment: upon acceptance, you need to confirm intention to attend by paying the first installment of the program. Upon receipt, we will send you confirmation of your enrollment at EU.


How do I pay tuition fees?

Students can pay their tuition fees via bank transfer, check or credit card. Once we have received the completed application package, the admissions department will send you all the information you need to make the tuition fee payments


I have paid my fees? What happens next?

The academic department will email you class timetables before the beginning of the academic term. 


Application fee (non-refundable, paid with application)
Advance tuition payment (non-refundable, due upon receipt of acceptance letter)
Tuition per term (three terms per year - with advance tuition payment deduction)
Dissertation fee (after successful program completion)
Optional additional MBA or MSc degree

Payment installment plans are available. Please contact EU's Administration Department for further details.

*These fees may be subject to change