Dr. Anne Walder

Climbing up ladder steps from the bottom of the hierarchy to the top, from employee to manager, director and finally business owner, Dr. Walder entered into the world of business at the age of 13. During this path, she has been required to train people, even in other companies. She became an entrepreneur in 2006 and has set up three companies from scratch (two in Switzerland and one in the UAE). She is the Managing Director and Founder and is currently creating a new second business in the UAE.

Known as an adult education specialist and as an expert in business communication, she is most passionate about the interaction between people, especially their way of communication that leads to learning. She is also keen on research and wishes to make it accessible to anyone for a better society of tomorrow.

The University of Montreal congratulated her for her performance in achieving excellence and demonstration of such teaching skills that establish her reputation as a pedagogy/andragogy specialist and that of their institution. In business, customers appreciate her speed, her viability, her optimism, her frankness and honesty. In the research field, her ideal clients think her methodological rigor, scrupulous organization and creative mind are her strengths.

She has taught communication, negotiation, law, compliance and governance. She has been doing University research and teaching in the United States, Canada & Switzerland for the past 7 years. She has been holding the positions of Director, Manager and Training manager in her six new ventures (Finance & law in Switzerland, Management Consultancies, Human Resources Consultancies and Marketing Research & Consultancies in the UAE) for the past 16 years.

Dr. Anne Walder

Lifelong learning is the best way to keep our mind open and a necessity for all professionals today!

Communications Lecturer
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