Henry Negreira has been in the academic world from an early age, due to the number of lecturers and educators in his family. Negreira found his first job, teaching at General Electric, so rewarding that he decided to continue in sharing his knowledge. Negreira earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering in Caracas, before completing an associate’s degree in electronics and a postgraduate course in networking. Senior level management experience bolsters Negreira’s impressive academic background and has included work directing cross-functional teams of technical experts. With a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and the way that they can be adapted and combined to enhance standards of living, Negreira ensures his classes are always taught with an up-to-date and fresh approach.

Henry Negreira

Education is not only conveying information just to build knowledge, it's about motivating, inspiring and improving the next generations.

Information Technology Lecturer
Barcelona Campus

IESA: Master of Business Administration


IUT RC: Associate of Science (A.S.) in Computer Engineering


SONO Tecnología Audiovisual: IT Manager


Aggreko Iberia: Hub Manager


GE: Operations and Telecommunications


EU Business School: Lecturer in Information Technology