Education is constantly evolving and pursuing a degree online is now seen as an excellent alternative to on-campus programs. Through state-of-the-art technology and an increasingly interconnected world, EU Business School is at the forefront of business tuition.


Our online courses are designed to be flexible and personalized, combining EU’s hallmark practical and experiential learning methods with the freedom that comes with distance learning. Our online students have the freedom to study from anywhere, wherever they need to be; whether working full time, raising a family or backpacking around the world; and they are always able to stay connected through EU’s 24-hour online platform. No matter where they are, our online students are part of the EU Community, and they will reap the benefits of their program in their working lives.

Broadcasted Guest Speakers

As part of all curricula on the online campus, we invite important experts to the EU campuses to share insights with students that stimulate their curiosity and impart detailed information on modern business practices, as well as offer informed opinions on current trends. These guest lectures are broadcasted live on our VLE.

Exchange Opportunities

Add a European touch to your online experience by studying at any of our other four campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux or Munich. Based on program availability, you may exchange one semester/term or full year. Potential employers consider candidates who have lived in other countries and immersed themselves in diverse cultures to be adaptable, independent and better problem solvers.

Personal & Professional Development

Our career services department coaches you on how to capitalise on your skills and profit from your professional capacities. You can count on the lifelong, personalized support of a department that guides you to the achievement of your professional goals. Throughout your EU experience, you will have the opportunity to meet with expert career coaches who can help you to set objectives, create a personal brand and determine concrete actions to help you reach the next level in your career.  



Learn all about the on-campus week held once per term as part of the online program